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A Pair of Pears - 2015

A Pair of Pears – 2015

 In 2013 I started showing my work on the New Blood Art website. It proved to be a good arrangement and I was grateful to find a few homes for some of my paintings. I am no longer on the website which is part of the reason for the re-design of my own site.  This was the last painting I sold through them.  I was really happy that they forwarded me this nice message on behalf of my last customer.

here is the message:


Is there a way of getting the following message to Ed Cooper

I just received “a pair of pears” and am delighted. I thought you would be interested to know that I bought it as a Valentine’s gift for my wife as, when we first met, she lived in a house called pear tree cottage and I thought it symbolised our pear related relationship and the pair of pears summed up what we have become now with two children and an enduring pear-influenced relationship.  Tacky I know but it is lovely and will be on the wall in our new home as a constant reminder of how and where we first consolidated our relationship and love of each other.  Just thought this might make a nice change for you from people hoping you might be famous one day (which you fully deserve to be) and buying your art because I really love it and it resonates with me (and hopefully Zoe too) in such a personal way. I look forward to it being on our wall for the rest of our lives as a constant reminder of when we met.
Best wishes

Finding a good home for a painting where it might add a bit of colour and enjoyment to people for years to come is the greatest satisfaction for an artist.  We are so used to seeing paintings at big shows, but when you live with a painting on the wall the experience can be quite different, deeper and richer. In the same way the enjoyment of a piece of music develops on repeated listening so also paintings change over time.

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