New Website


Painting at Shingle Street 2014

This the first post of my new website!


I have changed the look of the site and added a shop! – My goal for the next year to blog more regularly and talk about some of my process, inspiration and hopefully progress as an artist.


  1. Well done Ed. Website looks great and you sound like you are really enjoying the painting and the teaching. Keep at it!

    1. Author

      Thanks Delia,

      My first message =)
      Yes its going well…..hopefully catch up soon. Maybe I can come to life drawing (sometime after the middle of May)? I bought a screen and lights for my class at the institute. Its a bit of hassle but gives good lighting!

      1. Yes sending out new dates for Life Drawing this weekend and details of our next ‘From the Model’ Exhibition in July. Hope you will join us.

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