Ed Cooper I am an Artist and Art Tutor living in Ipswich, Suffolk.
I love to paint and draw. I run several art classes in Ipswich, Felixstowe, Melton & Brettenham. I enjoy helping people of all abilites discover the pleasure that comes out of developing their artistic skills.

As my own practice as an artist develops, I like to share my recent discoveries or ideas with my students and friends, both in my classes and on my blog.

In my life, perusing art has been about freedom. The freedom to follow my inspiration and let my creativity unfold organically. As well as teaching, I now sell my work directly through this website, and also through local galleries and exhibtions.


Art at School

I first discovered that enjoyed drawing, at primary school, when a good friend, gave me some tips on how to draw monsters. After that I was hooked and would use drawing as a way to bring my imagination to life.  The more I drew, the better my results and also the more I enjoyed it.  It created a positive feedback loop that I now try to encourage in all my students. Throughout school,l I used to enjoy doodling in the back of my notebooks and drawing pictures of my classmates and teachers.

Suffolk College

In 1994 I had a very happy two years studying art at The Ipswich Art School on High St.  After battling with Mole equations in my chemistry A-level I felt like I was in heaven spending all day drawing, painting and making things with egg boxes. It was during this time that I discovered my love of life drawing and would attend extra sessions in the evening. Although it was a very creative and fun atmosphere I also discovered that my passion lay in traditional figurative art. I wanted the results that came from hard work, not just good ideas or happy accidents.

It was at Suffolk College I discovered my love of Life Drawing

University & Ipswich

In 1996 I went to study Painting & Drawing at the Swansea Institute of Higher Education.  It was only by coincidence that I found afterwards that my Grandma Margret had completed her teaching training there many years ago, despite interruptions from German bombing over Swansea Docks! My development continued at Swansea but as the course drew to close I felt Ill prepared for entering the world of full-time employment. Sure enough, it was followed by six long years working in various customer service roles in Ipswich.  My enjoyment of art carried on and would continue to doodle pictures of my various Bosses and workmates.

Life as an Artist

In 2006 I left my last job in customer service to pursue life as an artist! During the following months and years, I fully reconnected with my love of painting and drawing.  It was during this time that my education as an artist really took off.  I devoured books, websites and tutorials in my quest to really unlock the art of painting.  The knowledge that accumulated in this period was to form the bedrock of my classes where I have been able to share what I learned and what has helped me. In 2009 I completed a PGCE and since that time I have been teaching adults how to enjoy painting and drawing.

As well as teaching art my own journey as an artist continues.  I have been exhibiting my work locally and selling my work online. If your interested in seeing how my work evolves over the coming months or years or wish to purchase or commission a painting, please keep in touch. One of the easiest ways is to subscribe to my newsletter by clicking the link below,

Thanks for dropping by,  Edd

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