Drawing 365

Drawing 365

With 2018 almost here I am in the process of preparing my self for an epic drawing challenge.  The idea is to try as best as possible to do a drawing a day for 365 days in a row and post them to a group on Tumblr.  This undertaking was inspired by talking to Alison Booth, who attends my Felixstowe art class, about her experience of completing the challenge a couple of years ago.  She said that although it had been tough, she learned a lot in the process and was keen to give it another go.

The challenge is being hosted on Tumblr with the help of another friend of Alison and myself – Sue Hagley. You can follow our progress as it unfolds here.

Would you be interested in taking part? – The challenge is open for anyone interested in drawing and feels inspired to give it their best shot at doing a drawing a day for a year.  Its expected that you are bound to miss a few here and there…but best to start with a positive outlook that it might be possible to make it.

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Benefits of regular drawing

If there was an easy way of improving your drawing and painting in a short period of time, then I think regular drawing from life would be it.  I say drawing from life because although there is a lot that can be learned by drawing from reference material – traditional observational drawing from life is, I feel, the best way to develop the core skills of drawing. In the act of translating the three-dimensional world on to the two-dimensional page, you are exercising the greatest amount of drawing muscles you can in one session. To my mind the benefits of doing a drawing a day for a year would include:

  • More accurate drawing and subsequently more accurate painting ability.
  • Better perception of Tones
  • The ability to see as an artist (drawing on the right side of the brain)
  • Getting into the habit of drawing, as opposed to thinking of it as a chore or homework
  • Becoming more interested and appreciative of the visual world that surrounds us.
  • Provide ideas and reference materials for paintings.
  • Create a sense of achievement (when Alison finished hers she had all the drawing printed into a little book – what a great way to record the journey of a year of drawing)

Being part of drawing community

Although posting drawings online may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there are real benefits in taking part in a group challenge.  We all have good days and bad days – seeing others go through that can take the pressure off yourself.  Everyone benefits from support.  One thing I have noticed in my classes people give each other much more support than they usually give themselves! – Having some positive feedback every now and again can really help keep the morale up when things aren’t going so well! Being part of a group like this helps as we can comment on drawings we like and help keep others going.   Being part of a group also helps to incentivise you keep drawing and keep posting.

Ready to give it a go?

  • The first thing you need to do is set up a tumblr page here
  • Then set up you own page and learn to upload photos from you phone or tablet
  • Then email or me the name of your tumblr page and we can add you to the group
  • You can then try a few dummy posts to see it works
  • Get yourself set up for drawing (why not make a start today with a quick 10min sketch?)

Good luck and happy drawing!





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