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Three Great Still Life Demos

One the best ways to learn how to paint is to simply watch great painters! Not just what they paint but how the start, the marks they make, the way they hold the brush. These are three of my favourites from youtube! Have you stumbled across anything good recently…why not share in the comments?

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Painting of the week #1

Casper David Fredrich was one of the first painters that really inspired me, his paintings are both beautiful but often tinged with melancholy and sadness.  This one though feels optimistic and serene.  

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Three Reasons to Practice Life Drawing

I was half way through sixth form when I attended my first life drawing class. However it was whilst at Suffolk College and was studying art full time, that it really clicked what a valuable and enjoyable practice it was. I started going to evening classes and have tried to attend classes on and off ever since.  I have now …

Why Beauty Matters

“Beauty is the remedy for the chaos and suffering in human life…The beautiful work of art brings consolation in sorrow and affirmation in joy.” —Roger Scruton