Boats and Rivers – Nacton Shores 2

One element I have been experimenting with this year is how I apply the initial tone to the canvas.  I only recently discovered the correct term for this is Imprimatura.  In the past I used to tone on the spot in relation to the mood and sky, sometimes grey sometimes yellow ochre etc.  I like to think of it as an intuitive response to the scene and the lighting and just try to imagine what will work well as an undertone.  I would then apply some pigment and wipe with turps until I had stained the canvas and left dry to the touch.

I was interested to read that some artists like to mix colour with gesso and tone the canvas so they are ready to go.  Anyway I was inspired enough to give this a go.  I had 50 8×10 boards and toned half a cool grey and the other half a warm pink colour.

You can probably guess which one this was!

Read more about Imprimatura. I would be interested to know what other colours people like to use!



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