Boats & Rivers – Nacton Shores 1

Oil on Board 10"x 8"

Boats & Rivers – Nacton Shores 1


This is the first of this years Plein Air paintings series.  Its been a while since I have been painting outdoors as it has taken me a while to get settled after moving back from Chelmondistion to Ipswich. I really enjoyed my time living out in the countryside, but the house I was renting didn’t have very good insulation or heating and both winters were hard going.  I have been very lucky that between myself and my partner Rosa we were able to put together enough for a deposit and now have a little house/flat in Ipswich.

In the meantime my classes have been ticking along and a few weeks ago I was looking through my book about Ken Howard travelling in Turners footsteps through the Swiss Alps.  Seeing him painting in all those different locations inspired me to get my half sized box easel out and go out painting.

So every evening that week I set out and painted a small 8×10 study.  This is the first of the series painting at Nacton Shores.  With its great views of the River Orwell and ambient sounds of bird cries and whistling breezes its a great spot to paint.

Keep posted and ill upload the next few over the coming days.

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