Why Beauty Matters

“Beauty is the remedy for the chaos and suffering in human life…The beautiful work of art brings consolation in sorrow and affirmation in joy.” —Roger Scruton

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A Happy Customer

 In 2013 I started showing my work on the New Blood Art website. It proved to be a good arrangement and I was grateful to find a few homes for some of my paintings. I am no longer on the website which is part of the reason for the re-design of my own site.  This was the last painting I …

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Can Anyone Be an Artist?

  Many adults remember how they loved to paint and draw at primary school.   They’d like to try it again, but then performance anxiety kicks in.  Fear of making fools of themselves keeps many people away from art lessons. In fact anyone can learn to draw well – you don’t have to be Leonardo or even particularly talented.   Drawing is a skill which …

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New Website

This the first post of my new website!   I have changed the look of the site and added a shop! – My goal for the next year to blog more regularly and talk about some of my process, inspiration and hopefully progress as an artist.