Hi, I’m Ed Cooper and I’m an artist and art teacher living and working in and around my home town of Ipswich, Suffolk. I enjoyed drawing from a young age and went on to study art at The Ipswich Art School on High Street before going to Swansea where I earned a BA (hons) in Painting and Drawing.

My approach to art is grounded in the observation and appreciation of the visual world. I am fascinated by the way close observation transforms even the most mundane subject into a doorway into something mysterious and unknowable. As William Blake said ‘To see a world in a grain of sand. And to see heaven in a wild flower.’

In 2009 I earned a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. Since then I have been teaching painting and drawing to adults in my own classes, life drawing classes, private tuition and as part of the Easton & Otley College Garden Design Course.

Every year I exhibit work in galleries around Suffolk. As well as selling my work online.

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